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Flex Therapy Philosophy

My approach is to ASSESS, TREAT, and PREVENT issues. I believe in establishing root causes of problems and eliminating them. I believe that each client has a unique set of needs and goals and the best outcome can only be achieved by a treatment plan that is developed uniquely for them. 


At our first appointment, my priority is to develop an in-depth understanding of each client's 

specific situation, what symptoms they are experiencing, and the outcome they are looking to achieve. This could span a wide of situations - ranging from chronic discomfort or pain, an acute injury, or simply a recognition that they are not as mobile or flexible as they once were. In other situations, the client may have set a new and challenging goal and that maximizing their physical wellbeing or fitness is central to their success. 


Having aligned on the goals the next step is a comprehensive objective assessment to identify the underlying causes of the symptoms. A thorough evaluation of both structural and functional aspects, including muscle imbalances, tightness and restrictions, compromised muscle tone and reduced blood flow, provides the essential information to develop a systematic treatment plan.


Iain Hughes BSc LMT 

Massage therapist Iain Hughes

I have been active in many sports over the years including rugby, swimming, and triathlons. Over the last 10+ years I focused on long distance ultra running, completing races of marathon distance or longer. Highlights for me have been the Leadville Trail 100m, Western States Endurance run, and Badwater 135. The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is definitely one of my favorite events and I have participated for the past 11 consecutive years.

I have really come to appreciate the stresses that we put our bodies through and believe that life itself is an endurance sport - be it yardwork, weekend bike rides with friends and family, or occupations where we spend significant amounts of time hunched in front of a computer. My treatment methods and approach can make a significant difference to how we live, train, perform, and recover. 


In order to help your body continue to flex for your life I have developed expertise in other areas such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis elbow, hip misalignment, functional leg length imbalance, scoliosis, chronic whiplash, temporomandibular joint disorders, and chronic headaches.


I already work with a diverse group of clients, ranging from those who want to simply walk the dog or climb the stairs without pain, to those who are recovering from knee replacement surgery, to regular and elite athletes.

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Western States Ultramarathon sport therapy massage
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